11 Helpful Strategies to Lessen Clutter in Your House

March 6, 2023 by Staff

It’s easy to accumulate clutter over time. Whether it’s the latest gadgets, clothes, or knick-knacks, it can be overwhelming to declutter your home. But decreasing the clutter or keeping the house clean is vital to maintain a peaceful and organized home.

Fortunately, there are several strategies you can utilize to lessen clutter in your house. Here are 11 helpful strategies to help you get organized and reduce the clutter in your home.

1. Declutter Regularly

One of the best means to keep your home free from clutter is to declutter regularly. Set aside time each week to go through the items in your home and eliminate anything you don’t need. This could include clothes, books, toys, and other things that are no longer being used or that you don’t want.

2. Create a Home for Everything

Having a designated spot for your items will help you stay organized and reduce clutter. Create a home for everything, from your keys to your mail to your books. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and ensure items are put away when unused.

3. Create a System for Paperwork

Paperwork and other documents can quickly take over your space. Have a filing system for paperwork and other documents, and make sure to file things right away.

4. Get Rid of Unused Items

One of the first steps in decluttering is to eliminate items you no longer need or use. Holding on to things you don’t use will only add to the clutter. So, take some time to go through your house and identify items you can eliminate.

5. Use Labels

Labeling items can help to organize things and make them easier to identify visually. This will make it more manageable to find the items you need quickly and reduce the clutter in your home.

6. Use Storage Bins and Baskets

Storage bins and baskets are a top way to keep items organized. Label the containers so you know what’s inside, and store them in an easily accessible spot. This will make it easier to grab what you need without searching through piles of items.

7. Hang or Store Items Vertically

Use vertical space in your home to store items. Hang or store items vertically on shelves, in cabinets, or on the wall. This will help you maximize your space and keep things organized.

8. Donate or Sell Unused Items

If you have items you no longer need or use, consider donating or selling them. This will free up space in your home and help you reduce clutter.

9. Make it a Family Affair

Make house cleaning a family affair. Ask your family members to help you go through their things and get rid of what they don’t need.

10. Keep Counters and Surfaces Clear

Clutter can quickly accumulate on kitchen and bathroom counters, dressers, and other surfaces. To reduce clutter, keep these surfaces clear and only store items that are used daily.

11. Be Mindful of Purchases

Before making any new purchases, ask yourself if you need it or if it will add to the clutter in your home. This will help you to avoid buying items you don’t need and will reduce the amount of clutter in your home.


By implementing these strategies, you can reduce the clutter in your home and make it a more organized and pleasant space. Take the time to declutter and get organized, and you’ll be able to enjoy your space more.

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