A Cleaning Company’s Guide to Cleaning a Kid’s Room

October 31, 2022 by Staff

Parents want to keep a clean home for their family’s health and set an excellent example for their children. It can be frustrating to walk past your child’s messy room because you probably can’t stand the sight of a cluttered space. 

Dirty clothes, toys outside the box, empty bags of chips, and juice boxes can drive any parent mad. Once you realize you can’t stand seeing a sight like that, it’s time to start working. 

While it may be tempting to throw half the room’s stuff in the trash or grab a hose, it’s best to take a deep breath and meditate. You can either clean your child’s room and do it again next week or involve them in cleaning their room and work together to enjoy a more organized space. This article is a cleaning company’s guide to cleaning your child’s room. 

1. Declutter Together

The first step to cleaning a kid’s room is to get them involved by decluttering unnecessary clothes, toys, and gear. Start with the closets to sorting and purging the different types of clothing. 

First, pull the seasonal clothing and store them somewhere else. Next, find the clothes, shoes, and jackets they outgrew and place them in a donation bag. You must also explain why you’re decluttering and how it can create a more appealing space. 

Next, work on toys, sports gear, and other clutter. You can be a cleaning coach for these personal items. The more you can get them in the lead, the lesser resentment they’ll feel after decluttering their inventory. You can make it into a game for younger kids or give older children the autonomy to decide what they’ll keep or throw out. 

2. Tidy Their Desks and Study Areas 

Your child may not begin studying harder and try school projects with a clean room yet cluttered desk. 

You can work together to set up bins or organizers for school supplies and shelves for notebooks and textbooks. They must also have adequate lighting from desk or floor lamps. 

3. Dust Furniture 

Start by removing everything from the dressers, nightstands, and other shelvings to dust each piece of furniture, including the feet and supports. 

Move to chairs, stools, and other furniture, and wipe stuck-on grime with a damp microfiber cloth. Let it dry, and polish the wooden surfaces. 

You must also empty the drawers and vacuum the insides with a crevice tool.

4. Wipe the Windows and Mirrors Clean 

You can get those windows and mirrors clean and streak-free with a lint-free cloth and some glass cleaner. A dry microfiber cloth works best to dust off window and mirror frames to give a shiny finish. 

Carefully remove sticker residue or other buildups on mirrors with a safety razor. 

5. Dust the Ceiling Fans 

Dusters also work best for cleaning other hard-to-reach places, such as ceiling lights and fans. 

First, lay a drop cloth or sheet below a ceiling fan or light to catch dirt and wipe off the dust with a long-handled duster. Grab a ladder and pillowcase to clean the buildup on your fan blades. Place the pillowcase over each edge and wipe the dirt and dust into the pillowcase. It would help if you also used a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off the grime and the ceiling fan housing. 

6. Clean the Walls 

Use a broom to catch dust and spiderwebs on the bedroom’s corners and ceiling. A cleaning company would recommend using Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser to lightly scrub off the crayon marks and scruffs on the walls. 

We recommend combining one cup of baking soda with white vinegar into a gallon of warm water for wider or dirtier areas. Dampen your microfiber cloth with your solution to wipe down the walls and wooden trim.

7. Change the Bedsheets and Mattresses 

Next, you must change your child’s beddings and mattress toppers weekly. Empty the bed and vacuum under the bed and along the rails. 

You also want to clean their mattress at least quarterly to eliminate bacteria, germs, and stains. 

8. Clean the Floors 

Lastly, it’s time to make floors clean and shiny again. Thorough sweeping and mopping can eliminate dust and buildup. Damp mopping works best for polyurethane-sealed grounds. On the other hand, using a wax mop works best for floors with shellac or varnish. Weekly sweeping and dry mopping should keep them looking great. 

You must also vacuum carpets and shake smaller rugs outside. However, you can wash smaller rugs with a washing machine, so check the label first!

Have a Cleaner Space

Seeing a messy room can be frustrating for any parent. But before your blood pressure rises, take a few steps back and ask yourself, “Is it worth the stress?” However, integrating a routine and getting them involved in the cleaning process can help them develop lifelong values and present themselves better. 

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