Essential Things to Do Before the House Cleaners Arrive

February 13, 2023 by Staff

Those attempting to simplify their lives should hire a professional home cleaning service. Doesn’t it sound wonderful to return home to a clean house after a long day? We believe so!

To maximize the benefits of a professional house cleaning service, you must first comprehend your role in the process. If you do not take the appropriate steps before the cleaners’ arrival, they will be unable to clean the nooks and crannies.

Here are the things you should do before they arrive:

1. Keep Personal Belongings

You alone are qualified to handle personal belongings and important mementos. This applies to more than just cash, passports, and jewelry. Important are valuable trinkets, books, and antiques. Ensure that you have removed or stored pricey equipment and crucial documents that would be disastrous to lose.

Before the cleaning service arrives, thoroughly search the home for any valuables you don’t want to be misplaced. Remove them from areas such as the dining table and where they may sit. This way, the cleaning service can avoid placing the item in the wrong location.

2. Tidy-Up Counters

You do not want the cleaner to guess where your kitchen and bathroom counter items are placed. Before the cleaning lady (or guy) arrives, designate a spot for everything and return it to its proper location.

Kitchen worktops, islands, and bathroom vanities rapidly become cluttered, especially if you have a large family. Please do your best to remove any loose items from any surface you want to be cleaned before your professional cleaner arrives. House cleaners are rarely asked to organize your personal belongings. If they can quickly reach a character, they might avoid cleaning that part of your house.

Even toothbrush holders and other decorative items typically displayed on the countertops should be removed so the cleaner can clean them without impeding them.

3. Secure Pets

This will likely vary from residence to residence. If your pets and the cleaning staff get along well, you may not need to cage them or remove them from the home. However, if you are concerned, you should keep your pets away from the cleaning crew, mainly if this is their first visit to your home.

4. Clean the Clutter

Because we are in a hurry to get to work or drop the children off at school, many of us are guilty of leaving dirty clothes on the floor, delaying making the bed, and forgetting to put our shoes in the closet. 

Before you know it, the house is filled with clutter, including newspapers you’ve previously read and unopened mail. There are a variety of items that, if addressed, will make your home appear cluttered.

Clear out various areas of your home before a cleaning appointment so that cleaners can spend more time cleaning and less time organizing your living space.

5. Manage Expectations

Specific obligations, such as child care, recycling, washing outside windows, and moving furniture, cannot be expected of a cleaning service. Although cleaners can tackle significant cleaning tasks, you should expect to pay more for these services because they are not included in a standard cleaning.


Overall, ensuring you have done all these essential things before the house cleaners arrive is crucial to provide an efficient and high-quality house cleaning. As annoying as moving furniture around and organizing items can be, it is worth it. This article has given you a better idea of how to prepare your home best when the house cleaners come over.

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