Our Simple Cleaning Checklists: Weekly, Seasonal, & Deep

January 2, 2023 by Staff

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Housekeeping is often put on the back burner. We can all attest to letting the dishes pile up in the sink or leaving our clothes on the floor for a few days (or weeks). But, when we take the time to tidy up our living spaces, the results are usually worth it. Not only is a clean home more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also be a source of stress relief.

Whether you’re looking to do a deep clean or simply maintain your home’s cleanliness on a weekly basis, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide you with cleaning checklists for every occasion.

How to Use These Cleaning Checklists

To get the most out of these cleaning checklists, we recommend that you:

Start with a clean slate: Before you start tackling your cleaning checklist, make sure that your home is free of clutter. This will make it easier to clean and will help you stay organized.

Set aside some time: Don’t try to do everything all at once. Set aside some time each day or each week to focus on cleaning.

Start with the most important tasks: Prioritize the tasks on your cleaning checklist. Start with the most important tasks and work your way down the list.

Create a schedule: Once you have a list of tasks, create a schedule for yourself. This will help you stay on track and make sure that everything gets done.

Get everyone involved: If you have a family or roommates, involve them in the cleaning process. Assign tasks to everyone and make it a team effort.

Reward yourself: After you’ve completed your cleaning checklist, reward yourself! Take a break and relax. You deserve it!

Our Checklists 

Our Weekly Cleaning Checklist

-Wipe down all surfaces in the kitchen

-Clean the stovetop

-Wipe down all surfaces in the bathroom

-Clean the toilet

-Sweep and mop all floors

-Dust all surfaces

-Vacuum all carpets

-Take out the trash

Seasonal Cleaning Checklist

-Wash windows and screens

-Dust all surfaces

-Vacuum and clean all floors

-Wipe down walls and doors

-Clean all appliances

-Organize closets and cabinets

-Declutter all rooms

-Purge expired items from pantry and fridge

-Deep clean all bathrooms

Deep Cleaning Checklist

-Wash all bedding, including comforters and blankets

-Wash all curtains

-Wash all rugs

-Wash all towels

-Wash all clothes

-Vacuum all furniture, including couches and chairs

-Dust all surfaces, including blinds, shelves, and picture frames

-Wipe down all appliances, including the fridge, oven, and microwave

-Clean all bathrooms, including toilets, sinks, and showers


A good cleaning routine is important for a healthy and happy home. There are a few different ways to approach cleaning, and the best approach for you will depend on your individual needs and circumstances. However, all cleaning routines should include some basic elements, such as dusting, vacuuming, and mopping.

A good cleaning routine can be a great way to keep your home clean and tidy and your family healthy. It can also be a great way to reduce stress and improve your overall quality of life.

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