10 Crucial Things to Clean to Regain Your Security Deposit

December 26, 2022 by Staff

Whether you’ve rented a house, apartment, or condominium unit, you’ll most likely pay a security deposit. Landlords use this payment to ensure their property’s best condition and pay for damages or cleaning services if the former tenants leave it damaged or dirty. 

Fortunately, you can always regain it once you move out. However, you must always leave a clean space to respect the next tenants and impress your landlord. 

If you’re relocating soon, this article will discuss ten crucial things to clean to help you regain your security deposit. 

  1. Your Belongings 

A rule of thumb is to leave an entire rental empty when you move out. Otherwise, your landlord would take money from your security deposit to hire a professional company to remove them. 

  1. Fridge

A filthy fridge can make a kitchen unpleasant because of the increased risk of mold and mildew growth, food poisoning, awful odors, and faster food spoilage. 

Before moving out, you must also clean and empty the fridge. Throw all leftover food and deep clean the appliance. Only unplug the refrigerator if your landlord instructs you. Remember to deep clean the microwave and oven too!

  1. Floors 

Besides being unpleasant, dirty floors can also be potential safety and health hazards. For this reason, it’s always best to vacuum and sweep all floors to remove excess dirt and debris. You can always hire a local cleaning service if you’re in a hurry or need help. 

  1. Trash Cans 

A dirty trash bin can harm your health and the environment. You can leave a clean slate in your former rental by removing all the trash from the bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, living area, backyard, and patio. 

  1. Surfaces 

Uncleaned surfaces are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, unwanted pests, and severe illnesses. You can ensure a healthier space for the next tenants by dusting and wiping all surfaces, such as countertops, vanities, door handles, and windowsills. 

  1. Walls or Drywalls 

Deep clean your walls, especially if you have pets, because the foul odors can be off-putting for landlords and future tenants. You can fill the holes with quality spackle, paint, or wall patch if you have broken drywall. You may also use an air filter to remove the awful smells. Moreover, you can always contact your local cleaning service if this task gets overwhelming. 

  1. Carpets 

While dirt, ink, and pet urine are common stains for most landlords, you will only regain your security deposit if you leave the carpet in good shape. You can restore its best condition by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service before you go. 

  1. Upholstery

Besides the walls, you must also deep-clean all of the apartment’s upholsteries of pet odors and use odor-neutralizing cleaning agents specifically made to address these issues. You can also contact your local cleaning service if you need more time to clean the coverings. 

  1. Drains 

Nobody loves cleaning the drains, but it’s a necessary evil if you want to regain your security deposit when you move out. Regardless of whether irresponsible plumbing or regular clogging caused the damage, it’s always best to address them immediately to avoid expensive mistakes.

Use a plunger to unclog the toilets and apply a drain cleaner to the shower, sinks, and tub. You may also contact your local plumber or cleaning service to help address the issue. 

  1. Glass Stovetops

You can eliminate unwanted grime from your glass stovetop by spraying it with distilled white vinegar and sprinkling baking soda. Next, lay a wet towel over the mixture for ten to 15 minutes before cleaning the surface. Stubborn stains need longer scrubbing and glass stovetop-specific cleaning agents. 

Leaving a Clean Slate

Deep cleaning your rental helps you respect the next tenants and regain your security deposit. You can always reach out to your local cleaning service if cleaning day overwhelms you. 

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